Thursday, 12 November 2009

Team Briefing on the Day of the Tournament

After the technical meeting on the 11 Nov, the night before, Coach Azman and Head of Delegation, En. Zuhri, briefied the team on rules and peculiarities which we may not be fully be relatable to playing in Malaysia such as Zero Start and the language differences.

The high light for the players was the handing out of allowances by En. Zuhrin. The players received either 150 or 200 Euro depending if they were the winners of their category in the National Age Group. The players and their parents appreciate the work by the organizing committee led by En Zuhri in obtaining the sponsors including his own company, JOM MAKAN, which has two restaurants in London.

The sponsors have also promised to reward the any Malaysian players that placed top three in any category with RM 5000, 3000 or 1000. This is an incentive that the players will be fighting for besides playing their best for their country.