Sunday, 22 November 2009

Final Ranking and Final Report from WYCC 2009

De Zen Ranked 24 out of 84
Amier Ranked 13 out of 129
De Juan Ranked 65 out of 129
Najiha Ranked 33 out of 83
Nabila Ranked 22 out of 108
Camilia Ranked 62 out of 108
Irfan Ranked 98 out of 142
Tjin Li Ranked 86 out of 101
Elgin Ranked 74 out of 138
Jianwen Ranked 87 out of 138
Sumant Ranked 64 out of 119

Thank you for the Support.

Signing out from Antalya.

“For the Love of Chess...”

For a non chess playing parent like me, chess culture is bizarre. The hours spent on board and its pieces, and the many more hours devouring anything regarding chess for a chess enthusiast, I guess, is similar to a hobbyist or a collector, the desire to have the best and most desired item or in chess, to play the perfect beautiful game, that we can savour and show others.

It is with this desire that has driven the children at WYCC 2009, and the need to win, for themselves, their parents and their country. The results are mixed, disappointment with some, and an achievement for others. As a Malaysian team, we wished that the stronger representation with the likes of Aziz, Li Tian, Li Ting, Wei Hao, Eng Chiam, Capel, Edward and others; and that representation of the country is a function of ability and drive; not of family's affordability. I pray that one day there is recognition that the being the brightest, shiniest, fastest does not always mean towering buildings or speeding race cars, but imparting values of facing challenges, resolving problems and shaking hands when it is over.

“I had to make that sacrifice”, my son told me when he lost, and when I asked him why, he answered, “for the love of chess”. And then I understood.

Final Round Results

Final Results

Amier lost Rd 11, final 7 1/2
Nabila lost Rd 11, final 6 1/2
De Zen draw Rd 11, final 6 1/2
Najiha won Rd 11, 6
Elgin won Rd 11, 5 1/2
Sumant won Rd 11, final 5 1/2
De Juan draw, Rd 11, 5 1/2
Jianwen lost Rd 11, final 5
Irfan draw Rd 11, 5
Camilia won Rd 11, final 5
Tjin Li draw, Rd 11, 4

62 points out of a possible 121 points or 51% scored.

We will privide the final ranking when it is out.

Thank you for all the support!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Good Round 10, Malaysian Juniors fighting to keep on going

Malaysia scored 5 points yesterday. The most significant is Amier who won and is sitting at 7 1/2 points, playing live today at Table 3 for Round 11. If he wins and Table 4 draws, he could be placed well for 3rd position, a first for Malaysia!

Nabila made some uncharacteristic mistakes, maybe a symptom of tiredness. There is a lot of strain and pressure of playing three, four hour a day besides the preparation, the different environment and food (especially food). Most of the participants goes through the same, therefore sometimes it may not be the best player but the player that had the most stamina and focus to last the 15 days with travel, that will prevail. Therefore it is not surprising to observe the energy level going down even among the Malaysian Juniors, despite all the encouragement from the Bloggers and Shout Box.

The current standing:

Amier 7 1/2
Nabila 6 1/2
De Zen 6
Jianwen 5
De Juan 5
Najiha 5
Irfan 4 1/2
Elgin 4 1/2
Sumant 4 1/2
Camilia 4
Tjin Li 3 1/2

Good luck to the Malaysian Juniors in the last Round and hopefully there will be some Malaysian records that we will create in Antalya.

Flash result for Round 10

Amier won
Irfan won
Tjin Li draw
Camilia lost
Sumant draw
Nabila lost
Najiha won
Elgi lost

4 hours 15 mins
Jianwen still in the hall

A Solid Round 9, Malaysian Juniors Fighting Hard

It was a good Round 9 for the Malaysian Juniors gathering 7 1/2 points out of a possible 11.

Nabila and Amier is leading the Malaysian contigent with 6 1/2 points. There is an opportuntity for these two Juniors to score top 3 if they win the next two games.

This was significant round also to see how 5 players: Nabila, De Zen, Elgin, Sumant and Irfan, come back from a poorer position to them to draw (Nabila, Elgin and De Juan), or to win (Sumant and Irfan). Well done to these players who kept their focus to the end

Jianwen has 5 points with his last win over an opponent from Bosnia rated 2036. Tjin Li played Dragon, her comfort zone to win over a Norwergian. De Juan also won,

Camelia and Najiha lost, but is keeping thier sprits high by wanting to win the next two rounds.

Current Scoring at then end of Round 9:

Nabila 6 1/2
Amier 6 1/2
De Juan 5
De Zen 5
Jianwen 5
Elgin 4.5
Najiha 4
Camelia 4
Sumant 4
Irfan 3 1/2
Tjin Li 3

Good Luck to the Team in Round 10 and thank yo for all the support and encouragement.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Flash Result for Round 9

2 hours 45 mins
Camelia lost

2 hour 30 mins
Amier won

2 hours
Tjin Li won