Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Five Points for Round 7

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Malaysia team scored 5 out of a possible 11 points in Round 7 for a total points of 39 ½ out of 77 points or 51%.

The results started by early wins by the Teh Cousins which was very encouraging. De Juan was very boisterous about his win and made it fun for all the waiting parents.

However the following results were somewhat disappointing with 4 draws: Jianwen, Tjin Li, Sumant and Camelia. All were in better positions but could not convert to a win.

Our two top scorers Nabila and Amier had their first loss. Nabila whose live game was shown on the internet, lost to an Moldovian that was rated 1732. Amier who was ahead with 2 pawns succumbed to a counter attack. Irfan also lost his game.

The last 4 Rounds will be critical to the Malaysians that would like to lift themselves up to their personal goals.