Sunday, 15 November 2009

Malaysians stepped up to the challenge and scored 7 points in Round 3

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It was a good day with Malaysians winning 7 points out of a possible 11. Nabila continues with the winning streak and has a perfect score, while Amier is continuing his momentum to win for a total of 2 ½ points. While De Zen dropped a game in Round 3, she still has two points to show for her efforts.

Camilia overcame her opponent rated at 1735 from Germany and has 2 consecutive points from 3 rounds. De Juan also has two consecutive points. Elgin had the longest game today and kept the pressure to gain a win over his Albanian opponent and now has 1 ½ points. Najiha also drew her game and now has 1 ½ points.
Tjin Li and Irfan had their first points today . Tjin Li overcame her opponent from Albania. while Irfan has a draw.

Both Sumant and Jianwen lost to much higher rated players today and both has one point from the second round.

An excellent performance by the Malaysian team today.