Monday, 16 November 2009

Brutal Round 5 but Some Bright Spots

The Malaysians only manage to score 4 points out of a possible 11, more than Round 1 of 3 ½ points, but still not an outcome we hoped for.

However there were some bright spots: Nabila played ‘live’ against a Spanish, and had the Malaysian parents in Antalya and chess enthusiasts back home at the edge of their seat, towards the end of the game with time pressure on both sides. It was a draw. Nabila now has 4 ½ points. Amier, playing table number 8, won his game, when his opponent blundered his rook. Camilia was the last full pointer against a player from Luxembourg rated 1717. Well done to all the three players.

Sumant drew his game, while te rest lost thier games.

Try harder the next round 6.