Thursday, 19 November 2009

Before Round 8

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I made a mistake in the last blog, Najiha has 4 points instead of 4 1/2 stated in the table.

Therefore going into Round 8, we have Nabila at 5 points, Amier at 4 1/2 points, De Juan, De Zen, Camilia and Najiha has 4 points, Jianwen and Sumant at 3 points, Irfan at 2 1/2 and Tjin Li at 2 points for a total of 39 points out of a possible 77 points.

The Malaysian juniors seems to be in better sprits. Sumant , Jianwen have been playing basketball the last 2 days and today more Juniors joined them for some relaxtion before lunch.

The weather has been very good, with day time tempreture at 22 deg C.
We will update the flash results as usual, as long as we have internet...