Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mainly Draws in Round 6

Firstly sorry for not updating or giving the flash results for Round 6. The internet was very slow and I was not able to connect. Tuesday , 17 Nov was a free day from competition and the whole team went for a tour, but back to Round 6…

Nabila played on Table 3 and again had a draw. But draws seems to be the mainstay for this round: Najiha, Camilia, Jianwen, Sumant and Amier also had draws.

Elgin and Irfan was the heroes of the day giving the team a point each, with Irfan playing a 1750 rated opponent.

The cousins De Juan and De Zen, and Tjin Li lost. Malaysia ended up with 4 ½ points.

I will prepare the table results for Round 6 before round 7, Wed, 18 Nov.

All is feeling the pressure of the tournament so it was with good the next day is a free day.