Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Solid Round 9, Malaysian Juniors Fighting Hard

It was a good Round 9 for the Malaysian Juniors gathering 7 1/2 points out of a possible 11.

Nabila and Amier is leading the Malaysian contigent with 6 1/2 points. There is an opportuntity for these two Juniors to score top 3 if they win the next two games.

This was significant round also to see how 5 players: Nabila, De Zen, Elgin, Sumant and Irfan, come back from a poorer position to them to draw (Nabila, Elgin and De Juan), or to win (Sumant and Irfan). Well done to these players who kept their focus to the end

Jianwen has 5 points with his last win over an opponent from Bosnia rated 2036. Tjin Li played Dragon, her comfort zone to win over a Norwergian. De Juan also won,

Camelia and Najiha lost, but is keeping thier sprits high by wanting to win the next two rounds.

Current Scoring at then end of Round 9:

Nabila 6 1/2
Amier 6 1/2
De Juan 5
De Zen 5
Jianwen 5
Elgin 4.5
Najiha 4
Camelia 4
Sumant 4
Irfan 3 1/2
Tjin Li 3

Good Luck to the Team in Round 10 and thank yo for all the support and encouragement.