Thursday, 19 November 2009

4 ½ Points in Round 8

Round 8 did not produce as many points for Malaysia as expected.

Nabila played at table 7 and gained a point over her Greek opponent rated 1663. Amier , Elgin, Jianwen also won . Jianwen’s opponent was unmotivated, while Amier was focused through out his two hour game to win his game.

De Zen was disappointed that she drew her game because of many disturbances from the opponent, nevertheless, the parents here are impressed with the pluckiness of the 8 year old girl.

Tjin Li, De Zen lost their game. Camelia played an opponent from India, and it was clear that the opponent prepared the game against her by playing a different opening line as Camelia is used to. As the tournament progresses, the strength and weaknesses of the players may be exposed in the daily bulletin which has each players games.

Najiha and Sumant had winning games but unfortunately was not able to convert.