Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Good Round 10, Malaysian Juniors fighting to keep on going

Malaysia scored 5 points yesterday. The most significant is Amier who won and is sitting at 7 1/2 points, playing live today at Table 3 for Round 11. If he wins and Table 4 draws, he could be placed well for 3rd position, a first for Malaysia!

Nabila made some uncharacteristic mistakes, maybe a symptom of tiredness. There is a lot of strain and pressure of playing three, four hour a day besides the preparation, the different environment and food (especially food). Most of the participants goes through the same, therefore sometimes it may not be the best player but the player that had the most stamina and focus to last the 15 days with travel, that will prevail. Therefore it is not surprising to observe the energy level going down even among the Malaysian Juniors, despite all the encouragement from the Bloggers and Shout Box.

The current standing:

Amier 7 1/2
Nabila 6 1/2
De Zen 6
Jianwen 5
De Juan 5
Najiha 5
Irfan 4 1/2
Elgin 4 1/2
Sumant 4 1/2
Camilia 4
Tjin Li 3 1/2

Good luck to the Malaysian Juniors in the last Round and hopefully there will be some Malaysian records that we will create in Antalya.