Sunday, 22 November 2009

Final Ranking and Final Report from WYCC 2009

De Zen Ranked 24 out of 84
Amier Ranked 13 out of 129
De Juan Ranked 65 out of 129
Najiha Ranked 33 out of 83
Nabila Ranked 22 out of 108
Camilia Ranked 62 out of 108
Irfan Ranked 98 out of 142
Tjin Li Ranked 86 out of 101
Elgin Ranked 74 out of 138
Jianwen Ranked 87 out of 138
Sumant Ranked 64 out of 119

Thank you for the Support.

Signing out from Antalya.

“For the Love of Chess...”

For a non chess playing parent like me, chess culture is bizarre. The hours spent on board and its pieces, and the many more hours devouring anything regarding chess for a chess enthusiast, I guess, is similar to a hobbyist or a collector, the desire to have the best and most desired item or in chess, to play the perfect beautiful game, that we can savour and show others.

It is with this desire that has driven the children at WYCC 2009, and the need to win, for themselves, their parents and their country. The results are mixed, disappointment with some, and an achievement for others. As a Malaysian team, we wished that the stronger representation with the likes of Aziz, Li Tian, Li Ting, Wei Hao, Eng Chiam, Capel, Edward and others; and that representation of the country is a function of ability and drive; not of family's affordability. I pray that one day there is recognition that the being the brightest, shiniest, fastest does not always mean towering buildings or speeding race cars, but imparting values of facing challenges, resolving problems and shaking hands when it is over.

“I had to make that sacrifice”, my son told me when he lost, and when I asked him why, he answered, “for the love of chess”. And then I understood.

Final Round Results

Final Results

Amier lost Rd 11, final 7 1/2
Nabila lost Rd 11, final 6 1/2
De Zen draw Rd 11, final 6 1/2
Najiha won Rd 11, 6
Elgin won Rd 11, 5 1/2
Sumant won Rd 11, final 5 1/2
De Juan draw, Rd 11, 5 1/2
Jianwen lost Rd 11, final 5
Irfan draw Rd 11, 5
Camilia won Rd 11, final 5
Tjin Li draw, Rd 11, 4

62 points out of a possible 121 points or 51% scored.

We will privide the final ranking when it is out.

Thank you for all the support!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Good Round 10, Malaysian Juniors fighting to keep on going

Malaysia scored 5 points yesterday. The most significant is Amier who won and is sitting at 7 1/2 points, playing live today at Table 3 for Round 11. If he wins and Table 4 draws, he could be placed well for 3rd position, a first for Malaysia!

Nabila made some uncharacteristic mistakes, maybe a symptom of tiredness. There is a lot of strain and pressure of playing three, four hour a day besides the preparation, the different environment and food (especially food). Most of the participants goes through the same, therefore sometimes it may not be the best player but the player that had the most stamina and focus to last the 15 days with travel, that will prevail. Therefore it is not surprising to observe the energy level going down even among the Malaysian Juniors, despite all the encouragement from the Bloggers and Shout Box.

The current standing:

Amier 7 1/2
Nabila 6 1/2
De Zen 6
Jianwen 5
De Juan 5
Najiha 5
Irfan 4 1/2
Elgin 4 1/2
Sumant 4 1/2
Camilia 4
Tjin Li 3 1/2

Good luck to the Malaysian Juniors in the last Round and hopefully there will be some Malaysian records that we will create in Antalya.

Flash result for Round 10

Amier won
Irfan won
Tjin Li draw
Camilia lost
Sumant draw
Nabila lost
Najiha won
Elgi lost

4 hours 15 mins
Jianwen still in the hall

A Solid Round 9, Malaysian Juniors Fighting Hard

It was a good Round 9 for the Malaysian Juniors gathering 7 1/2 points out of a possible 11.

Nabila and Amier is leading the Malaysian contigent with 6 1/2 points. There is an opportuntity for these two Juniors to score top 3 if they win the next two games.

This was significant round also to see how 5 players: Nabila, De Zen, Elgin, Sumant and Irfan, come back from a poorer position to them to draw (Nabila, Elgin and De Juan), or to win (Sumant and Irfan). Well done to these players who kept their focus to the end

Jianwen has 5 points with his last win over an opponent from Bosnia rated 2036. Tjin Li played Dragon, her comfort zone to win over a Norwergian. De Juan also won,

Camelia and Najiha lost, but is keeping thier sprits high by wanting to win the next two rounds.

Current Scoring at then end of Round 9:

Nabila 6 1/2
Amier 6 1/2
De Juan 5
De Zen 5
Jianwen 5
Elgin 4.5
Najiha 4
Camelia 4
Sumant 4
Irfan 3 1/2
Tjin Li 3

Good Luck to the Team in Round 10 and thank yo for all the support and encouragement.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Flash Result for Round 9

2 hours 45 mins
Camelia lost

2 hour 30 mins
Amier won

2 hours
Tjin Li won

Current Points after Round 8

Nabila 6 points
Amier 5 1/2 points
De Zen 4 1/2 points
Najiha, Elgin, Jianwen, Camilia 4 points
Sumant 3 points
Irgan 2 1/2 points
Tjin Li 2 points

A total of 43.5 point out of a possible 88 points, slighly below 50%.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

4 ½ Points in Round 8

Round 8 did not produce as many points for Malaysia as expected.

Nabila played at table 7 and gained a point over her Greek opponent rated 1663. Amier , Elgin, Jianwen also won . Jianwen’s opponent was unmotivated, while Amier was focused through out his two hour game to win his game.

De Zen was disappointed that she drew her game because of many disturbances from the opponent, nevertheless, the parents here are impressed with the pluckiness of the 8 year old girl.

Tjin Li, De Zen lost their game. Camelia played an opponent from India, and it was clear that the opponent prepared the game against her by playing a different opening line as Camelia is used to. As the tournament progresses, the strength and weaknesses of the players may be exposed in the daily bulletin which has each players games.

Najiha and Sumant had winning games but unfortunately was not able to convert.

Flash Results for Round 8

3 hours
De Zen drew
Camilia lost
Irfan lost
Amier won

2 hour 30 mins
Tjin Li lost
De Juan lost

1 hour 5 min
Jianwen won

Before Round 8

Pls click for a bigger image...

I made a mistake in the last blog, Najiha has 4 points instead of 4 1/2 stated in the table.

Therefore going into Round 8, we have Nabila at 5 points, Amier at 4 1/2 points, De Juan, De Zen, Camilia and Najiha has 4 points, Jianwen and Sumant at 3 points, Irfan at 2 1/2 and Tjin Li at 2 points for a total of 39 points out of a possible 77 points.

The Malaysian juniors seems to be in better sprits. Sumant , Jianwen have been playing basketball the last 2 days and today more Juniors joined them for some relaxtion before lunch.

The weather has been very good, with day time tempreture at 22 deg C.
We will update the flash results as usual, as long as we have internet...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thank You For All The Encouragement

We would like to thank all for encouraging comments that was left in the Shout Box. The Malaysian Juniors would gather around to read the comments are very much encouraged by the general and personal notes to them.

Best regards to all readers.

Five Points for Round 7

Pls click for bigger image...

Malaysia team scored 5 out of a possible 11 points in Round 7 for a total points of 39 ½ out of 77 points or 51%.

The results started by early wins by the Teh Cousins which was very encouraging. De Juan was very boisterous about his win and made it fun for all the waiting parents.

However the following results were somewhat disappointing with 4 draws: Jianwen, Tjin Li, Sumant and Camelia. All were in better positions but could not convert to a win.

Our two top scorers Nabila and Amier had their first loss. Nabila whose live game was shown on the internet, lost to an Moldovian that was rated 1732. Amier who was ahead with 2 pawns succumbed to a counter attack. Irfan also lost his game.

The last 4 Rounds will be critical to the Malaysians that would like to lift themselves up to their personal goals.

Flash Results for Round 7

1 Hour 10 min

De Zen won

1 hour 5 mins

De Juan won

A Little Anxious before Start of Round 7

Pls Click for a bigger image...

The Malaysian Players are feeling the pressure after the half way mark. After Round 6, we have 52% points out of the possible 66 points or 34.5 points.

Nabila is leading the pack, with 5 points and have a real chance of the top 3, if not the Championship! Amier is showing very good form and is the only Malaysian players besides Nabila that have not lost any games.

The rest of the team is determined to do well but with 5 more games will need to do better to score more that 6 points to score more that the first half ranking.
We will provide Flash Results as long as we have Internet.

And Good Luck to the TEAM

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

An enjoyable day out for the team

Today the whole team went out on a tour that started at 8:30 AM. The tour included Mediterranean sea cruise to an ancient sunken city, a visit to the ruins of a 1800 years old restored church, St. Nicholas and Myra which had tombs in the hills. It was a good day for team and we hoped that it the children will forget about chess, but of course they took out their chess sets when they had a bit of time, instead of looking at the scenery.

The children enjoyed the ferry ride the most, but found the ancient ruins boring.

Mainly Draws in Round 6

Firstly sorry for not updating or giving the flash results for Round 6. The internet was very slow and I was not able to connect. Tuesday , 17 Nov was a free day from competition and the whole team went for a tour, but back to Round 6…

Nabila played on Table 3 and again had a draw. But draws seems to be the mainstay for this round: Najiha, Camilia, Jianwen, Sumant and Amier also had draws.

Elgin and Irfan was the heroes of the day giving the team a point each, with Irfan playing a 1750 rated opponent.

The cousins De Juan and De Zen, and Tjin Li lost. Malaysia ended up with 4 ½ points.

I will prepare the table results for Round 6 before round 7, Wed, 18 Nov.

All is feeling the pressure of the tournament so it was with good the next day is a free day.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Brutal Round 5 but Some Bright Spots

The Malaysians only manage to score 4 points out of a possible 11, more than Round 1 of 3 ½ points, but still not an outcome we hoped for.

However there were some bright spots: Nabila played ‘live’ against a Spanish, and had the Malaysian parents in Antalya and chess enthusiasts back home at the edge of their seat, towards the end of the game with time pressure on both sides. It was a draw. Nabila now has 4 ½ points. Amier, playing table number 8, won his game, when his opponent blundered his rook. Camilia was the last full pointer against a player from Luxembourg rated 1717. Well done to all the three players.

Sumant drew his game, while te rest lost thier games.

Try harder the next round 6.

Flash Results of Round 5

3 Hours 40 Mins

Amier won
Jianwen lost
Irfan lost
De Zen lost
De Juan won
Camilia won
Elgin lost
Najiha lost
Nabila draw
Sumant draw

Tjin Li still in the hall

A Solid Round 4 from the Malaysian Team

Pls click for a bigger image...

It was a good day for the Malaysian Chess Players in Antalya with 7 1/2 points in Round 4. Our points is 58% of the possible 44 points or 25 1/2 points so far. Well Done to the Team again.

Leading the Malaysian pack is Nabila, who has a perfect score of 4 points and is playing table two currently being shown live on There are three other opponents with 4 points and we are looking forward to her continuing to power on.

Amier played strongly from a weaker position to gain a draw while De Zen overcame his opponent and was out of the hall quite quickly for a full point

Irfan is gaining his confidence with his first full point. Well done to Irfan. De Juan lost; while Camelia refused a draw to continue fighting for 4.5 hours for a full point only to succumded to the opponent. Her fighting sprit like the rest of the team is commendable.

The rest of the team played well; Jianwen and Sumant overcame their opponents easily, Elgin did well to get a draw with a player 150 ELO above his rating. Same with Tjin Li did just as well to draw with a player rated 1761.

A Solid Round from the Malaysian Youngsters...alot to be proud off in Round 4.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Quick Update - Two Round Day

Yesterday, Malaysia walked away with 7 1/2 points. Again another achivement. We will update the details later.

We just wanted to tell all our readers out there that you can watch Nabila's live game on live at 4 PM KL time today. She is four of the perfect scorers and will be sitting at table 2. Log on this blog to cheer her on. Please put your comment and analysis on this blog's shout box. Coach Azman will also give his view of the situation here. Good Luck to Nabila and all the players who are doing a good job.

More soon...

A Two Game Day on Monday, 16 Nov

It will be a grueling day tomorrow, two games ,at 10AM and 5PM. We will report more. We are still waiting for Camilia up till now.

Flash Results for Round 4

3 hour 45 min

De Juan loss
Tjin li draw
Elgin draw
Nabila won (perfect score!!! 4/4)
Najiha won

Still waiting for Camilia

2 hours 35 mins

Irfan won

It is 2 hours into Round 4

Jianwen won
De Zen won
Sumant won
Amier draw

The rest is still in the hall

It is 2:45 PM and the Malaysians have just gone into Hall for Round 4

Pls click for a bigger image...

The Malaysians have gone into the hall with more than 54% of the possible 33 points, a good showing as a contingent. Again the players were in good sprits, were the lower point players wanting to prove themselves; while the high scorers, Nabila and Amier, looking at continuing their success. Good Luck to all of them.

Some photos before round 4...

Malaysians stepped up to the challenge and scored 7 points in Round 3

Pls click on image...

It was a good day with Malaysians winning 7 points out of a possible 11. Nabila continues with the winning streak and has a perfect score, while Amier is continuing his momentum to win for a total of 2 ½ points. While De Zen dropped a game in Round 3, she still has two points to show for her efforts.

Camilia overcame her opponent rated at 1735 from Germany and has 2 consecutive points from 3 rounds. De Juan also has two consecutive points. Elgin had the longest game today and kept the pressure to gain a win over his Albanian opponent and now has 1 ½ points. Najiha also drew her game and now has 1 ½ points.
Tjin Li and Irfan had their first points today . Tjin Li overcame her opponent from Albania. while Irfan has a draw.

Both Sumant and Jianwen lost to much higher rated players today and both has one point from the second round.

An excellent performance by the Malaysian team today.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Flash results for Round 3

Results after 4 hrs 15 mins
Nabila won
Camilia won
Sumant and Elgin still fighting

Results after 3 hr 45 mins

De Juan won
De Zen lost
Tjin Li won
Amier won
Jianwen lost
Irfan draw
Najiha draw

Third Round Has Started!

The team is in good sprits after winning 7 1/2 points yesterday but know that today will see more challenges. Jianwen and Sumant are playing competitors 280 and 180 points above their own rating. De Zen and Nabila are playing at table 5 and 6, while Camilia is playing a rating of 1735.

Malaysians scored 7 ½ Points from the Second Round

Pls click for a bigger image...

After two rounds, Malaysians have 11 points out of the total of 22 points. Nabila and Teh De Zen continue to have full points. Nabila have won both her games against Russians , while De Zen has her second point against a Serbian.

Amier is also showing good form, winning against a Ukrian, and now has 1 ½ points. De Juan, Sumant, Jianwen scored their first points in the tournament and Elgin drawing.

Tjin Li and Irfan lost both their games against rated payers of 1700+. But it was very encouraging to see both Malaysians put up a good and long fight . Both players will have to wait to the next round to score their first win in the tournament.

The next round will see most of the players at higher ranked tables, and at more or less equal playing strength. A score above 50% (or 5 ½ points) will put the Malaysians in a better standing.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Round 2 Pairings

Teh De Juan Scored a Win...finished at 4:05PM!
Pls click for a bigger image...

It is 4 PM in hour since the Players have started the game. None of the Malaysian Players are out yet. Here is the paring that will be updated with the results.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Round 1 Results

Pls click for a bigger image...

The sisters, Najiha and Nabila delivered two of the three and the half points by Malaysians in the first round. Teh De Zen won her game, with Amier delivering a half point. Well Done!

Before Round 1

All the players were at ease, relaxing outside the venue, half an hour before the Round 1. The Internet has been down (thus the delay in posting of this blog too) that would have allowed us to access the paring through the official site, nor was there any obvious postings of pairings. Fortunately, the parings were sent from Malaysia through SMS earlier on.

Team Briefing on the Day of the Tournament

After the technical meeting on the 11 Nov, the night before, Coach Azman and Head of Delegation, En. Zuhri, briefied the team on rules and peculiarities which we may not be fully be relatable to playing in Malaysia such as Zero Start and the language differences.

The high light for the players was the handing out of allowances by En. Zuhrin. The players received either 150 or 200 Euro depending if they were the winners of their category in the National Age Group. The players and their parents appreciate the work by the organizing committee led by En Zuhri in obtaining the sponsors including his own company, JOM MAKAN, which has two restaurants in London.

The sponsors have also promised to reward the any Malaysian players that placed top three in any category with RM 5000, 3000 or 1000. This is an incentive that the players will be fighting for besides playing their best for their country.

The Opening Ceremony

The opening Ceremony started with a March past of the 88 countries, followed on formal speeches and the cultural dancing. There was also a presentation of a check to the first GM of Turkey of $10,000 Euro (RM 50,000). (Sorry, we did not catch his name) The GM looks around his early twenties a the most.

The technical meeting was held after the Opening Ceremony with Coach Azman and Head of Delegation En. Zuhri attending.

The Malaysians from Penang have arrived at Limra Hotel

The contingent from Penang has arrived. Teh De Zen, Teh De Juan, Elgin lee and Hoh Tjin Li arrived at 12:00 PM and were quickly checked in as were already pre registerd by Coach Azman. The new arrivals were briefed by Head of Delegation , En. Zuhrin and Coach Azman on the meeting times. Off to lunch then.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

WYCC 2009 Tournament Schedule

The time in Antalya / Istanbul is 6 hours behind KL

The official site of WYCC 2009, Limra Hotel

The tournament schedule:

Thursday, 12 Nov to Sunday, 15 Nov
Round 1 to 4, 3PM Istanbul time

Monday, 16 Nov
Round 5 and 6, 10 AM and 5 PM

Tuesday,17 Nov
Free Day

Wednesday, 18 Nov to Saturday, 21 Nov
Round 7 to 10, 3PM

Sunday, 22 Nov
Round 11, 10 AM

First Malaysians arrived at Antalya for WYCC 2009

12:00 PM, 10 Nov

After more than a 24 hour journey from Kuala Lumpur the first batch of youngster arrived in Limra Hotel, the official site of the WYCC 2009. The 12 hour flight on Turkish Airlines from Singapore was calm and uneventful, allowing the youngster to sleep during the night flight. At the Istanbul Airport, we saw the Korean contingent waiting for the connecting hours flight to Antalya. We also saw Cory Jorge, we think, the current youngest, just made GM, playing cards with the sister. As Sumant said, the GMs plays cards while the amateurs keeps practicing chess.

The three hour transit at Istanbul airport...

The arrival at Antalya Airport was shuttled to an waiting bus, for an hours drive to the Limra Hotel. Coach Azman quickly got the team registered for the tournament and the room. We were all tagged with a blue wrist band, which means entitlement to breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet with free soft drinks; and soft drinks anytime at the lobby lounge. The lunch buffet had a wide spread of salads and cooked vegetables, and dessert; awaiting to see what the other 12 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner will bring.

The first batch of Malaysians that arrive, Najiha, Camilia, Nabila, Amier, Irfan, Jianwen and Sumant await their four other Penang counterparts that will arriving tomorrow.