Monday, 16 November 2009

A Solid Round 4 from the Malaysian Team

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It was a good day for the Malaysian Chess Players in Antalya with 7 1/2 points in Round 4. Our points is 58% of the possible 44 points or 25 1/2 points so far. Well Done to the Team again.

Leading the Malaysian pack is Nabila, who has a perfect score of 4 points and is playing table two currently being shown live on There are three other opponents with 4 points and we are looking forward to her continuing to power on.

Amier played strongly from a weaker position to gain a draw while De Zen overcame his opponent and was out of the hall quite quickly for a full point

Irfan is gaining his confidence with his first full point. Well done to Irfan. De Juan lost; while Camelia refused a draw to continue fighting for 4.5 hours for a full point only to succumded to the opponent. Her fighting sprit like the rest of the team is commendable.

The rest of the team played well; Jianwen and Sumant overcame their opponents easily, Elgin did well to get a draw with a player 150 ELO above his rating. Same with Tjin Li did just as well to draw with a player rated 1761.

A Solid Round from the Malaysian Youngsters...alot to be proud off in Round 4.