Saturday, 14 November 2009

Malaysians scored 7 ½ Points from the Second Round

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After two rounds, Malaysians have 11 points out of the total of 22 points. Nabila and Teh De Zen continue to have full points. Nabila have won both her games against Russians , while De Zen has her second point against a Serbian.

Amier is also showing good form, winning against a Ukrian, and now has 1 ½ points. De Juan, Sumant, Jianwen scored their first points in the tournament and Elgin drawing.

Tjin Li and Irfan lost both their games against rated payers of 1700+. But it was very encouraging to see both Malaysians put up a good and long fight . Both players will have to wait to the next round to score their first win in the tournament.

The next round will see most of the players at higher ranked tables, and at more or less equal playing strength. A score above 50% (or 5 ½ points) will put the Malaysians in a better standing.