Tuesday, 10 November 2009

First Malaysians arrived at Antalya for WYCC 2009

12:00 PM, 10 Nov

After more than a 24 hour journey from Kuala Lumpur the first batch of youngster arrived in Limra Hotel, the official site of the WYCC 2009. The 12 hour flight on Turkish Airlines from Singapore was calm and uneventful, allowing the youngster to sleep during the night flight. At the Istanbul Airport, we saw the Korean contingent waiting for the connecting hours flight to Antalya. We also saw Cory Jorge, we think, the current youngest, just made GM, playing cards with the sister. As Sumant said, the GMs plays cards while the amateurs keeps practicing chess.

The three hour transit at Istanbul airport...

The arrival at Antalya Airport was shuttled to an waiting bus, for an hours drive to the Limra Hotel. Coach Azman quickly got the team registered for the tournament and the room. We were all tagged with a blue wrist band, which means entitlement to breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet with free soft drinks; and soft drinks anytime at the lobby lounge. The lunch buffet had a wide spread of salads and cooked vegetables, and dessert; awaiting to see what the other 12 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner will bring.

The first batch of Malaysians that arrive, Najiha, Camilia, Nabila, Amier, Irfan, Jianwen and Sumant await their four other Penang counterparts that will arriving tomorrow.